Sleep Apnea Treatment in Northern California

Dr. Abramson uses the following Sleep Apnea Treatments:

Positive Airway Pressure Therapies

Pressure therapies for Sleep Apnea Syndromes are the most common and most effective treatments today. There are mainly two types, CPAP and BIPAP therapies. CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, and BiPAP stands for Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure. Read more about 
Positive Airway Pressure Therapies (CPAP)


Dental Appliances for Sleep Apnea

Dental appliances are excellent choices for treating snoring, as well as mild to moderate sleep apnea patients.

Dental appliances basically address two areas in Sleep Apnea Syndromes. First dental appliance help advance the tongue forward which pulls it away from the airway during sleep. Secondly, it can reposition the lower jaw forward which also pulls the tongue forward, but in addition, advances the entire front wall of the throat forward opening the airway.Read more about Sleep Apnea Dental Appliances

Appliances for Sleep Apnea

For sever situations a surgical sleep apnea treatment may be necessary. Read more about Sleep Apnea surgery treatment