Dr. Abramson is contracted as a provider for Kaiser Hospital and Camino Medical Group – Palo Alto Medical Foundation.

Dr. Abramson is a Medicare Provider.

He is not contracted with other insurances.

TMJ Coverages

TMJ coverage varies with different insurance contracts. It is a medical treatment provided by a qualified dentist and is usually covered under the medical carrier and not dental insurance although occasionally there is a contracted benefit under the dental plan.

Sleep Apnea Coverages

Oral Appliance Treatment for sleep apnea covered under the DME Durable Medical Equipment coverage in medical insurances. It is the same coverage for CPAP treatment. So if you have had CPAP paid by your insurance carrier you probably will be able to get coverage for Oral Appliance treatment.

It is suggested that you contact your insurance carrier and check on your coverage because individual contracts vary. Ask for DME coverage.

Office Policy

It is our office policy that we charge the patient for services and the patient is reimbursed by their insurance carrier. We provide you with a “super bill“ form that has all the needed information in order for your insurance carrier to process your claim including our office information, the medical diagnostic code and the medical treatment code. This “super bill” is easily attached to you insurance form obtained from your carrier in which you will add your personal information and staple the two forms together and submit them together.