TMJ Treatment in Northern California

TMJ treatment options vary depending on your specific situation. For over 30 years of treating temporomandibular disorders, Dr. Abramson’s practice has focused on identifying the underlying causes of stress and tmj, strain on the muscles, ligaments and joint system and eliminating piece causal factors so that the muscle ligament and joint can restore itself and heal.

TMJ Assessment

Dr. Abramson will perform a thorough examination looking at dental occlusion. Of importance is evaluating how the dentition maintains correct orthopedic support of the mandible, the craniofacial muscles and the TM joint system itself. He will look at the movement of the jaw examined the muscles of the jaw and cranial region for trigger points and listen carefully with a stethoscope to determine the status of the joints and any evidence of disk derangement or wear and tear of the disc. Dr. Abramson evaluates postural influences of the upper back and neck as well as the overall health of the muscle skeletal system of the body.

Dr. Abramson treats muscle inflammation and dysfunction using hands-on manipulation therapies including myofascial release, osteopathic manipulative technique, cold laser therapy, acupuncture and injection of trigger points with lidocaine. All of these techniques have demonstrated safety and effectiveness in resolving muscle skeletal problems that lead to pain and dysfunction of the head and neck region.

Dr. Abramson is also an expert in working with patients who bring the daily tensions of life into the body and creating greater tension and stress in the body through over usage and contraction of the muscles. This is referred to as Somatization. Dr. Abramson often does individual counseling and training with patients as he is working with them in the course of an office visit as well as referring patients to be capital mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Program at Stanford University Hospital.

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